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Herm Reflects on Ohio Stop

Roots Tour 2022 7/28

I was a kid in Hartville, Ohio. My mom, pictured above, still lives there, 4 of my brothers are nearby, many nephews and nieces are there, my son is nearby as are many, many childhood friends. One of the greatest honors of my life is to play and sing for my mom, my family and friends. It is the easiest thing in the world to play for folks who I don’t know, but to play for family and friends who know me from my earliest childhood days is both intimidating and a deep gift. We played in, and around, Hartville and in Archbold a few weeks ago. Nothing like it for me! Thanks to so many of you that were part of those events. I will hold those days in my heart for as long as I have a heart. In a few weeks, August 12-14, to be exact, we get to go to Vince’s home area around Lancaster, Pennsylvania where many of you are like family and friends to both of us. Can’t wait! Check out our website ( or facebook for information about the public events and come out and join in our ongoing Roots Tour 2022 where we continue to celebrate the gift of family and friends.

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