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Herm and Vince

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Herm Weaver

Herm lives on a small horse ranch in Nederland Colorado with his wife Cindy, Their home, tucked away high in the Rocky Mountains is a long journey from Hartville Ohio where he grew up in a family of seven boys.


Herm’s early music exposures were church music and teaching himself to play three chords on a beater guitar that his dad brought home from a garage sale.


A wanderer at heart, after high school Herm hitchhiked and drove a 1964 Pontiac around the country working wheat harvests, doing construction jobs and simply finding his way. His guitar was his constant companion. Along the way, Herm was dumped off on a small college campus in Kansas where he met Vince.


They were drawn together immediately, inspired by each other’s love of music and songwriting.

Their music sparked deep musical aspirations within him. Playing music with Vince was the first time he began to think of music as a sort of life journey.


Music has been a constant theme throughout his life and, after pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology, music presented him with opportunities to sing and play in some very unexpected places. His work took him around the globe into conflicted countries impacted by violence. He continued to play music and sing his songs in these places, experiencing firsthand the transformational power of music.


In the fall of 2010 a devastating tragedy struck the family when they lost a beloved 20-year-old daughter in a accident. With deep sorrow ravaging, Herm’s relentless commitment to find good in bad, joy in sorrow, wholeness in the broken, emerged through the pain, and echos in his songwriting


Herm and Cindy’s life journey is a rich compelling story of a full life of living, loving and music.


Vince Buckwalter


Vince lives in Bradenton Florida with his wife Christy. They enjoy their tropical backyard paradise, offering a haven for all manner of birds, including chickens and ducks.

While still in his teens in Lancaster PA, the stifling pain of his father’s abrupt abandonment turned Vince toward music and his piano. Playing and writing music became a sort of therapeutic outlet to help him through the grief. This period of his life is chronicled in the poignant song named, “The Child.”

Later in a college dorm in Kansas, he met a guitar player from Ohio who lived across the hall. Vince meeting Herm sparked an immediate connection and was the beginning of a long and winding music journey. 

Married and living in Sarasota since 1983, Vince performed in the local band Stryker for 18 years while raising his three children and running a successful construction business. In the early 2000's mental illness devastated the family and once again gave Vince the opportunity to heal through music and songwriting.

Pursuing a dream of recording an album of original music, Vince recorded the original album "Vin Lamar" in Nashville with producer Neal James which was released in 2008 by Aladdin Records.

A prolific songwriter, piano man and guitar player, Vince delivers rich full range vocals packed with emotion.

Vince says “Music is a top priority – it’s my spiritual life. Music helps me understand myself, it’s as close to love as anything in my life.”

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