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Who Are We

Herm & Vince 


The Herm & Vince Mission: Spreading Love, Life, and Healing Through Music

Herm & Vince (Weaver and Buckwalter) are coming to  for music

performances over the weekend of January


     Lifelong singer-songwriters, we reunited in 2020 after meeting and playing music together in college in 1977. We have performed over the last two years as a duo, with vocals, mixed in with acoustic guitar and piano, adding bassist Wayne Weaver (Herm's big brother) to our lineup this year. Our songs come from our life experiences, music written as young adults, family men and wise older dudes. Haha! Old tunes harken back to times of innocence and searching, while the new songs bring together honest perspectives from over forty years of living in goodness and hardship, sadness and joy.


     We have been reuniting nearly once a month over the past two years, (not an easy task as Herm is in Colorado, Vince is in Florida and Wayne is in Ohio) to places we've called home in the past, rekindling old ties and creating new relationships. Being together and performing is a healing mission for us as well as our audience. Following a performance in May in Goshen, IN, a young attendee said, "If your mission is to spread life, love, and healing through music, well, it's working." As our daily journey towards healing continues, song becomes the expression of lessons learned and the music is experienced as cathartic. Shared with many listening ears, this grows into a miraculous and meaningful experience for everyone that attends.

     Gift contributions are welcome to be made at events and also through VENMO @HermandVince, and ZELLE, or by clicking the support button on the website. Friends, family, and those new to the duo are invited to attend and help advance the Herm & Vince Mission.



Myakka Moonlighters Concert

Saturday, January 21    6PM to 9PM

37155 State Road 70 East

Myakka City, Florida

     This rural outdoor venue is provided by the Myakka Moonlighters Facebook group ( The stage and park are behind the gas station at the flashing light. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, coolers etc. There will be a 50/50 raffle to raise funds for us and for the winner!! We also have the opportunity to auction off items or services that evening to help pay for travel expenses, if  anyone has ideas contact Vince at 941-374-3521.






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