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2023 Here We Come

We just wrapped up a fun filled weekend in Colorado at the Music Among Friends event at the Weaver Cabin. Inspired by the friendships, we are gearing up for more concerts this year starting March 10 at 4pm at Dunn Brothers in Eagan MN, March11 at 6pm at Bethel Lutheran in Minneapolis, and March12 at 1:30 at All Saints Senior Living in Shakopee MN.

We have found some original tracks from the Herm and Vince 1979 college release in the archives and have rendered them playable in the mp3 format just for you! Any new website subscribers will be sent a link to one of the songs on that album.

For those of you who are already subscribers, here is the link to the 1979 version of "Leaving' You" written by Herm Weaver

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