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Dallas on Goshen

Roots Tour 2022 It was a real pleasure to be part of the Herm and Vince performances in Goshen, IN. It had been some time since I was able to sit, enjoy, and listen to their Simple Songs in three different settings. We hosted a reception and mini concert for family, friends and persons who have supported the duo in many different ways on Friday. Our public event in downtown Goshen at The Electric Brew brought Hesston alumni together and others from the community too. Sunday morning was leading music for the full service at Silverwood Mennonite Church, a rich event that focused on the heart of what our faith does for us and offers to others as well. While Herm and Vince's performances are very pleasant to listen to, the essence of what happens for concert goers is that they find their souls moved by the words. Many times the music relates personally to the joy and pain in their own lives. In other ways, it resonates for people through the same emotions from what Herm and Vince have felt over the past 40 years. "Spreading Life, Love, and Healing through Music" is our mission. It doesn’t take much payin​g attention to notice that we are all in need of healing as we live through some of life's most devastating challenges. Let's keep our hearts wide open and surround each other with love that we may live a richer life. Dallas Stutzman Manager

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