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Happy Holidays 2023

Another Holiday Season! Love it! This morning finds me at Wayne’s house in Ohio. It is such a welcoming place filled with quite a few guitars, some front edge sound equipment and a lifetime of love. Cindy and I are here for a few days to be with family. Our son Dillon lives here and it is one of the best gifts I could ever receive to be with him. Yesterday Dillon and Wayne and I spent a lot of the day playing music. Didn’t plan it, it just happened. We began with a few new things and then we began singing some old hymns.

Mom lives here in Ohio. It is home for me. Mom is in hospice this holiday season and along the way we decided to take a guitar and go spend some time singing for her. It was as good as it gets for me. We sang the old hymns. Sally, one of Mom’s caregivers at her assisted living home joined us and is to the right of Mom. Wayne (not in the picture because he took the picture) was sitting in the middle singing the high harmonies, Dillon was bringing up the bottom with a man-sized bass and mom sang her sweet alto. Unbelievable. No way it could get better than that for me.

Our mission at Herm and Vince and Wayne is to Spread Life, Love and Healing through music. That happened yesterday with Mom. There are no good words for how much we all love Mom. We missed having you with us Vinny, you would have made it better. But we were so very for the grateful for opportunity to sing with Wayne and Dillon and Mom.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of our journey this past year. It has been such a blast!! Wishing all of you the chance to Spread Life, Love, and Healing during this Holiday Season.



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