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Happy New Year 2024

As we start a new year, I've been thinking about the ancient teachings of impermanence that say attachment is the root of all suffering. The world around us is continually changing. Clinging to and glorifying the comfortable spaces we have lived in in the past can create dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  Bruce Springsteen sings about this in his song Glory Days.

After a 45-year break, this past year found me once again traveling, writing, and singing with my dear friends Herm and Vince. It was a significant change from the previous year which had been disciplined and predictable. I love the change. 

We anticipate more change in the upcoming year. Although we don't yet know what all of that will look like, we will do our best to accommodate and embrace it. One thing will not change. We will continue to share our journeys with you. The heartaches, the disappointments, the joys, all the love. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to seeing you again this year. 


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