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Snowy Minnesota

It was a snowy cold weekend in Minneapolis. Snow piles were everywhere, and the locals talked of how the snow totals were climbing in the record books. In spite of the snow and cold, we received a warm welcome from Malinda and Larry and their fine furry companion Meika. As in most places that are graced by the presence of a dog, Meika was fully in charge!! Thanks to our hosts for your kindness and welcome and good humor during our days there.

New music has been our focus in the last few months. Love the old stuff but also love creating. Our music retreat from a few weeks back provided the space to introduce new songs to each other and to create together. Thanks to those of you who were present at the retreat and helped provide inspiration and creativity. Throughout the weekend, three gatherings of Minnesotans provided a perfect opportunity to try out some of the new stuff and receive feedback. It filled us with life and made us want to continue receiving and creating new music. Stay Tuned!



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