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Thank You Virginia!

Another trip to Virginia. The third one with this current iteration of the Herm and Vince music that we share. There is such good in Harrisonburg for me and my family. It holds the homes, that for most of our lives, we raised our children in. It holds work colleagues and golfing buddies and sports friends and so very much more. There are moments on these visits that we are overrun with emotion. Gratitude, loss, joy, surrender. It is not just another stop along the way. There is so much about it that is home.

That is the way it felt playing on Friday night on a freshly built stage in a wonderfully landscaped backyard at the Weaver Homestead. Thanks so very much to John, Marcia, Rachel, Evan and Kaylee for preparing the land for us. It was a thing of beauty that was only surpassed by the beauty of those who came to share the evening with us. The evening proved to be magical and more than we could have hoped for. We loved playing for you and loved hanging out well into the darkness and remembering the good we had shared and meeting new friends.

Saturday night was more of the same. Louise and Alden Hostetter generously opened their home and property for a second night of Spreading Love, Life, and Healing Through Music.

Many old friends came and reminded us of who we’ve been, and new friends arrived to share in the gift of being together. We played our hearts out and there was laughter and tears and hope all mixed together. Alden joined on several songs with his harmonica and from my seat it was such a sweet addition. Thanks Alden and Louise for the gift of sharing your home and property with us for a time. Again, we loved playing for you and hanging out well into the darkness sharing our lives together.

Onward, Colorado is next with one public event on Saturday night September 16. Check the website,, for the details. All are welcome. Can’t wait to sing and play for you!

“Just give me hope for tomorrow, like you gave me hope for yesterday!”

Herm 9/4/23

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